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Landing Page is at least 3 times as much profitable as a common site!

For those who are in charge of a result by virtue of own money
and those whose career depends sales growth

All regular landing pages are based on ready standard templates. May multipurpose template exist being efficient in any business?

Template landing pages lose their effectiveness within 2-3 months. Streaming decisions appear in the majority of marketing sites, thus, the visitors quickly accustom themselves to be without responding to them. In the upshot, the Companies are forced to bear standing expenses and update landings in order just to retain the initial resolve. Sales increase under such conditions becomes a challenge.

We are ready to take over the responsibility for your sales

How do we extend useful life of landing and spin out your money? Our approach is based on two key aspects:

Handle key business tasks

We see our mission in extension of your contact base as much as possible and sales increase. We do our best for each visitor to spend more time on the landing page, reading it in full and eventually take target steps: a call, subscription, purchase.

Are you still working on incensement of secondary indexes?

Individual Approach

A distinct marketing approach and exclusive design for each customer — is an obligatory minimum for which you may rely on. We investigate your business into the matter, product peculiarities, clients and competitors in order to create a perfect scenario for landing increasing your sales. Meanwhile, your competitors use template decisions to which customers have already built up a tolerance.

Are you landings distinct from those used by your competitors?

We are committed to the result!

We wholly assume the responsibility for efficiency of each stage of work. Individually formed and carefully considered team works on each project. Over the years we have become certain of that landing may not be universal and effective simultaneously/ as well as people. We select those having experience namely in your niche and in solving similar tasks for each project out of the number of staff members.

Marketing Expert

● analysis of your business, product and niche;
● development of common concept;
● offers' formation and testing;
● selection of the best option and substantiation of decisions.


● capture of visitor's attention;
● convincing arguments assisting in decision making:
● in cooperation with Marketing Expert — formation and substantiation of page prototype.


● design forming visitor's trust to your offer and assisting in making a purchase;
● the most advantageous and complete visual representation of your goods or service.

Front-end Developer

● landing page proofs;
● adaptation for different browsers and mobile devices;
● testing and bringing page specifications to perfection.

Project Manager

● optimization of all stages of work on landing;
● deadline enforcement;
● working data performance to you.

We do not give hollow promises

We have conducted over 1000 test while launching the landings in different niches. Here are the results of our investigations on landing efficiency.

  • Microbusinesses

  • Services

  • Production

  • Retail Trade

  • Unique goods

Landing perfectly fits

for launch and sales extension in small Companies and private specialists. Moreover, it copes with this much better than other sites and complex multifunctional portals.

Landings has proven its efficiency

in the sphere of services — mass and prime. We are able to rise sales for banks, law and insurance companies, estate agencies, educational institutions ... and even for beauty salons.

It is important to save some time in the large-format niches

and focus it upon key profits of your product. It is essential to seize buyer's attention and persuade him to leave an application in the context of congested market. Thus, landings are indispensable for manufacturing companies in the chain of sales.

We focus customer's attention

upon a specific product and increase the sales quantity in a segment we need. Small family companies as well as large network brands use landings to perform special promotions — with tremendous output!

Specific approach —

is what you need for successful sale of your goods and services of premium-segment. In order to enlarge the sale of exclusive and expensive goods we create special upmarket landings. The peculiarities of your demanding auditorium, the most efficient scenario of purchases and well-thought-out ways of goods representation from a high price category are considered in them. Complex solutions — is our area of expertise.

We are on your side!

When starting any Internet project, it is important to keep the time limits, contrive and not to bear any unbudgeted expenditure. We understand this and always work on the customer's side. We launch every project under 50% payment in advance. Full payment is performed only after you have approved all stages of design and accepted the final result completely satisfying your task.

Here what we will do for you:

Provide insight into a market

No amateurish decisions! We rest upon impartial data — actual requests of your customers, real positions and actions of your competitors, relevant objectives of your business and traffic source. And only after thorough analysis we start planning a sales scenario on which structure and design of landing depend.

Develop form and content

Then, we enable the best commercial writers, who create convincing marketing texts basing on data of marketing analysis. Each text is written exactly for your target auditorium, overcomes objections and psychological barriers with confidence and surely leads to target action. We create a prototype of landing at this stage and send it to you for approval. Well before a final payment you will imagine to get all totalled.

We are going to create a marketing landing page

When approving the prototype, a task is undertaken by a designer being able to provide the results of marketing developments in the most advantageous and efficient visual form. We include elements into the structure and design, being elaborated specially for you. Afterwards, a layout gets into the hands of the programmer licking it into technically accomplished shape and makes your landing to be accessible from any browser and any device.

As the result, we launch and test the landing page, make the last edits and only after your final approval of our work we are paid. Owing to modern technical and marketing decisions and actually to individual approach, your landing will not lose its topicality and efficiency for a long time.

Let competitors copy you,
you will remain the leader!

Would you like to grow your sales quickly?

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